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Looking for general participants

We are looking for participants for online research, in exchange for monetary compensation!

The Consciousness and Psychopathology lab invites you to participate in our new study. The study explores the dynamics and reciprocal relations between self-concept, memories, and daydreaming. We are looking for English-speaking adults. We seek English-speaking adult participants (at least 18 years old). Any identifying information collected will remain confidential and never be shared or published.

The study consists of two phases: First, completion of a few short self-report questionnaires administered online that require about 25 minutes to complete. We will invite you to complete the same self-report questionnaires three months later. We will send a $25-worth Amazon gift card to all participants who completed the two phases. You will be asked to provide your names and E-mail addresses. The identification is needed to connect phase 1 and 2 questionnaires and for financial accountability associated with the monetary compensation our university will provide. The identifying data will not be added to analyses and will never be published.

In the link provided below, you will find a complete description of the study, informed consent, and our contact information in case you have any questions. The Ben Gurion University ethics committee has approved this study.

Thank you!!

Mr. Ori Meidan (graduate student) and Dr. Nirit Soffer-Dudek

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

To review the full consent form and participate, please email Mr. Ori Meidan at:

(we cannot direct you to the survey link directly because we have been under a "bot" attack, so we need to make sure you are a real person).

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